Urgent Removal - Removal to Oversea 

House removal can be tedious and troublesome...
 You can have the assurance from our professional removal experts of doing great jobs from packing, inventory, transport, documentation transport, customs clearance, strage and even unpacking.
 Our house-removal service is also extended to regional bases. Especially for expatriates who are relocating their homes to overseas, we also have professional staff who have experience and expertise in assisting them.

  Estimate request for international removal, Please send E-mail to moving@yamatothai.com

Process of International Removal


Feel free to inquire us about preparation, schedule, or whatever.


Our experts pack fragile goods, big stuffs. We'll also prepare packing materials for self-packing.

Packing for Export

After collect goods, we wrap outside for endurance for long-distance transport and burglar-proof.

Transport by 
Air or Sea

We make documents for export customs purposes and declare. After go through the customs, load into container and ship out to the destination by air or sea. In case the destination is Japan, air transport takes 7 to 10 days or sea transport takes about 1 month.


Inform client the arrival date. After go through the customs, confirm client the convenient date to delivery.

Deliver to Home
Deliver on the requested date. We can also set furnitures and collect packing materials by request.