We specialize in cost-effective design and management of product transportation, shorage, distribution and integrated logistics services from pre-production to end user at the right time and right cost. this is to enable companies to focus on their own core competencies. Our wide range of services andglobal network give clients competitive advantage.
 In terms of standard warehousing,
   our services include:
     Inventory control and management
     Warehouse management
     Buyer's consolidation
     Buyer's consolidation
    \ Just-In-Time delivery
     Tracking and Tracing
     Packing and Picking / Kitting



What is L-CAT ?

  Standard version of L-CAT logistic system can be Introduced with low cost
  Data layout can be modified.
  Data for logisteics and distribution managemet can be modified.
  Our logisteics and distribution centers probe convenience of the
  system and upgrade day-to-day. It prevent our system from deteriorating.

  Simplify losigtics system for better services
  Simplify and unify your logistic system from oversea stock control
    to domestic delivery.
  Unified logistic system can reduce the cost.
  Unified system can cut down lead time and enable to notify due date clearly
  You can control informations by order from oversea to domestic distribution.
  You can answer clearly to unexpected inquiry from customers.