Items Not Allowed

Pineapple FOOD
  • Goods that require management and perishable goods = Cake, chocolate etc.
  • Perishable foods = vegetable fruits etc.
  • Any meat products = sausage, beef jerky, retort foods contain meat or essense
    of meat uncooked beans
  • Grain = Rice (except for retort ones), wheat, flour etc.
  • Alcoholic Beverage = Sake, whiskey, beer etc. (even for cooking)
  • Dairy products = Milk, dry milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.
  • >Any Food: 10kg, Prohibited to be sent to COMPANY

  • Pineapple Animals and Plants
  • Flowers = Bud, petal, herb tea with petal, dry flower, herb ball etc.
  • Seeds and soil = Pilloow shaped triangle contains straw, straw festoon,
    bonsai, vanilla etc.
  • Live animals, fish, insects = Dog, cat, bird, any pets etc.
  • Furs = Rabbit fur, fox fur etc
  • Goods against Washington Convention (Convention on International Trade
    in Endangered Spicies) and their by-products = ivory etc.
  • Any item made by teak

  • Pineapple Hazardous Materials, Drugs
  • Dangerous items = lighter, Spray can, charcoal, firework, match, incense,
    magnet, perfume, cosmetics contain alcohol etc.
  • Edged tools = Scissors, kitchen knife, vutter, saw etc.
  • Firearms, swords, knives, razor blades (Including its imitation)= parts, popgun,
    and these imitation etc.
  • Hazardous substances
  • Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances = Include smoke filter
  • All types of batteries = PC, watch, game, music player, digital camera,
    clinical thermometer etc.
  • Electric devices = Mobile phone, Notebook PC
  • Gas spring = Shock absorber, Cylinder, (hydraulic or pneumatic) suspension auto parts etc.
    ※Drug and cosmetics : 2 month supplies. Cosmetics : 24 pcs /item Medical Instruments : 1 item

  • Pineapple The Others/Notes
  • Valuable papers such as check, stock, credit card etc.
  • Passport, driver's license, identification card, examination admission card seal etc.
  • Original manuscript and drawing etc.
  • Cash, jewelleries and precious stones etc.
  • Drawing and antiques
  • Items cannot be assessed
  • Correspondence (due to section 4 of Postal Service Regulation in Japan)
  • Musical instruments

  • Pineapple The Others/Notes
  • Buddhist items
  • Indivisual packages with a value exceeds JPY 200,000
  • Any tipes of Cigarette and its imitation
  • Retains, ashes, Buddhist memorial tablets etc.
  • Electromagnetic wave treatment appliance
  • Rebellious items
  • Undeveloped film
  • Ship and Aircraft related items
    ※Tableware : 10kg