Items Not Allowed

Goods that require management and perishable goods = Cake, chocolate etc.
Perishable foods = vegetable fruits etc.
Any meat products = sausage, beef jerky, retort foods contain meat or essense of meat
Uncooked beans
Grain = Rice (except for retort ones), wheat, flour etc.
Alcoholic Beverage = Sake, whiskey, beer etc. (even for cooking)
Dairy products = Milk, dry milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.
Any Food: 10kg, Prohibited to be sent to COMPANY

Animals and Plants
Flowers = Bud, petal, herb tea with petal, dry flower, herb ball etc.
Seeds and soil = Pilloow shaped triangle contains straw, straw festoon, bonsai, vanilla etc.
Live animals, fish, insects = Dog, cat, bird, any pets etc.
Furs = Rabbit fur, fox fur etc
Goods against Washington Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Spicies)
and their by-products = ivory etc.
Any item made by teak

Hazardous Materials, Drugs
Dangerous items = lighter, Spray can, charcoal, firework, match, incense, magnet, perfume, cosmetics contain alcohol etc.
Edged tools = Scissors, kitchen knife, vutter, saw etc.
Firearms, swords, knives, razor blades (Including its imitation)= parts, popgun, and these imitation etc.
Hazardous substances
Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances = Include smoke filter
All types of batteries = PC, watch, game, music player, digital camera, clinical thermometer etc.
Electric devices = Mobile phone, Notebook PC
Gas spring = Shock absorber, Cylinder, (hydraulic or pneumatic) suspension auto parts etc.
※Drug and cosmetics : 2 month supplies. Cosmetics : 24 pcs /item Medical Instruments : 1 item

The Others/Notes
Valuable papers such as check, stock, credit card etc.
Passport, driver's license, identification card, examination admission card seal etc.
Original manuscript and drawing etc.
Cash, jewelleries and precious stones etc.
Drawing and antiques
Items cannot be assessed
Obscene articles, counterfeit consumer goods
Correspondence (due to section 4 of Postal Service Regulation in Japan)
Musical instruments

The Others/Notes
Buddhist items
Indivisual packages with a value exceeds JPY 200,000
Any tipes of Cigarette and its imitation
Retains, ashes, Buddhist memorial tablets etc.
Electromagnetic wave treatment appliance
Rebellious items
Undeveloped film
Ship and Aircraft related items
※Tableware : 10kg